DCC Around The World: The Doom Gong at Essen Spiel

Maybe we should call it Das Monument des Schicksal? Whatever words we choose, it would still have the same message. The same deep, reverberating message.

Essen Spiel is the largest gaming convention in the world, and we’re proud to say that Dungeon Crawl Classics was on hand for the world to see. Our publishing partners in Germany—System Matters Verlag—were at the game fair, showing off DCC RPG in style. Including their own version of The Gong of Doom!

That’s right, there are now TWO Gong of Dooms, each on a different continent! System Matters Verlag created their own Doom Gong to celebrate their publishing agreement with Goodman Games to produce a German-language edition of DCC RPG, and it was in the booth at Essen Spiel. (Oh, and if you like, you can go ahead and pre-order your copy of the German edition today!)

Many a game of DCC was held in Germany during Essen Spiel, and some of them were directly in front of the gong! The DCC takeover of Europe is just beginning!

Author: pandabrett

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