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But the Mouser had made his throw, and the odd dice of Lankhmar had stopped with the matching symbols of the eel and the serpent uppermost, and he was raking in triangular golden coins.
—“The Bleak Shore” by Fritz Leiber

You might have heard about our recent DCC Lankhmar release. It’s a wonderfully in-depth take on the classic novels by Fritz Lieber, and licensed by his estate.

If you are a fan of those novels, you might have heard of something called Rat-Snake. In the back alleys of the city of Lankhmar, money is won and lost, and lives are sometimes wagered as the ultimate prize, all on the roll of the dice. All part of a game called Rat-Snake.

Here at Goodman Games, we didn’t want to just publish a map and rules, we wanted to bring Lankhmar to life. And we’ve got the dice to prove it. We’ve got Rat-Snake, the game itself, in our online store!

Distilled from the novels and stories, we’ve created a Rat-Snake dice game that we feel would make Fritz proud. Rat-Snake is a gambling game that requires two six-sided dice to play. Serious Rat-Snake players use specialized dice inscribed with the image of a rat on the one-pip face and a snake on the six-pip face. Our version is a tube containing eight such dice and a rules booklet for Rat-Snake.

Check out Rat-Snake in our online store today!

And as long as we’re talking about dice…

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