The Leopard Women of Venus Are Calling All DCC Fans!

You may not have ever heard the name Fletcher Hanks before. That’s because he was a Golden Age comic artist who never saw great success. Many years later, however, his legacy was discovered…such as it is. And the folks at JLHB Polytechnic are bringing him to you in the form of The Leopard Women of Venus.

The Leopard Women of Venus is a new third-party Kickstarter for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics, creating a wild vision of a science-fiction world unlike anything else.

Inspired by a Fletcher Hanks story starring Space Smith, The Leopard Women of Venus answers many questions, such as “Why are there Leopard Women on Venus?” and “Who else lives on Venus?” It’s the exact type of weird and wonderful world that fits in perfectly with DCC RPG.

Here’s what the Kickstarter tells you to expect:

Leopard Women of Venus is heavily inspired by pulp fiction and foundational fantasy authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs; committed to instilling a mixture of awe, wonder, and horror; and extremely dangerous for player characters.

Inside the book you’ll find:

  • The Leopard Woman class and their powerful augments
  • Clear guidelines for how DCC character classes function on Venus
  • Two patrons, Stardust the Super-Wizard and Fantomah, complete with spells
  • A list of 100 Venusian occupations useful for creating 0-level characters
  • A 0-level funnel, “Saucerful of Secrets”
  • A 1st-level adventure, “The Mines of the Moglugs”
  • Fantastical sci-fi gear and equipment
  • Random tables to generate countless springboards for adventure
  • The Magnificent Moglug Maker
  • And much more!

Joshua LH Burnett and the folks at JLHB Polytechnic are no strangers to DCC RPG. They’ve already produced the popular Crepuscular zine, which features the amazingly-wacky Sanctum of the Snail adventure, so you know exactly the quality they can produce.

Oh, and that’s not all…

Another third-party DCC Kickstarter has appeared as well! Psychoda Press and James A. Pozenel, Jr are bringing you The House of the Red Doors.

Described as a more intimate adventure, The House of the Red Doors is is a funnel that can be used for tournament play or it can level up a peasant for campaign play. It is one player adventure that requires a Judge.

That’s right, this is a one-on-one adventure. One Judge, one player. The adventure involves a lot of puzzle-solving and can be played in less than half an hour. It’s a different beast for DCC RPG!

Head on over to The House of the Red Doors Kickstarter to find out more!

Author: pandabrett

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