New DCC Third-Party Adventures in the Online Store!

Four publishers have added their wares to our online store, putting out some great new books for your Dungeon Crawl Classics game!

If you aren’t in the know, Goodman Games has a free license to put out supplements for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics, and this week we’ve added four new books from folks who have taken advantage of our offer. From ghosts to superheroes, this week’s selection gives you some great options.

And if you’ve got an idea in your head that is dying to see print, don’t forget you can contact us to get all the details on third-party publishing for DCC RPG!

Right now, let’s take a look at the latest in our online store!

Escape From The Demon Inn

A 3rd level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Shapeshifting menaces and other horrors await in this exciting adventure through the bowels of this horrible beast!

Now that you have been tricked into entering, can you escape from the heart of this nightmare creature? To win free, you must also outwit its servitors and deadly spawn. Inside will you encounter creepy children, escape your terrifying clones, discover the secret of the Inn Keeper, brave the horror of the pantry, battle an ottoman, or perhaps stab the monster’s throbbing heart? Will you be devoured? Or will you Escape from the Demon Inn!

Ghostlike Crime #01

An RPG zine bringing cryptid terrors, the paranormal, and magical realism to a modern dystopian setting.

Terrible things creep in the shadows and cryptid terrors stalk humanity. The Cabals of the Corporatocracy have hoarded the magic of the world for themselves to inflate their power and control. Catching the ire of the Cabals is an ever-present threat even amongst the immediate dangers of cryptids, ghosts, and dimensional anomalies.

There exist those that will fight these incursions, adventurers who will face the unknown, revolutionaries that will challenge the powers that be – join them now!

The world of Ghostlike Crime is a twilight zone-ish version of our modern existence. It’s a dystopian vision of our current society cranked up to eleven. The insanity of the daily news cycle features an added dose of a myriad of monsters threatening the masses. Judges should feel free to run the game as grim or gonzo as they like.

Prison of the Mad Gods

An adventure that can be run as a 0-level funnel or 1st-level adventure!

Venture inside a long-forgotten keep, into a topsy-turvy jewel-box world that holds insane gods barely in check.

One morning, your sleepy village is changed forever by a horn blast that echoes through the valley. Disaster follows.

With no heroes left alive and no god to protect you, you must venture inside a long-forgotten keep — into a topsy-turvy jewel-box world that holds insane gods barely in check.

Will you choose one to become the new god of the village? And can you escape alive?

True Vigilante

Play as a masked vigilante in a modern setting and punch criminals in the teeth—one adventure at a time!

You’re no hero. 

You’re a vigilante: a crimefighter, a dark avenger, a gadgeteer, a martial artist, a protégé, a true vigilante. You seek blood and justice, winning it with fists and violence. Brutalizing the criminals, lowlifes, and scum of the underworld. Protecting the weak, breaking the vultures that prey upon them. There is vengeance to be had and syndicates bled, and you will not stop until your justice has been served….

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