Alliance Open House Recap

The city of Fort Wayne, Indiana has once more had the gaming industry descend upon it, and has emerged all the better for it. And what’s more, the Alliance Open House has had Goodman Games come to it once again, and has found themselves better for our presence!

Hundreds of retailers met with dozens of manufacturers at this annual industry event, and Goodman Games was a huge part of it. From the meetings, to the presentations, to the demo nights, and, of course, the booth, it was a great show start to finish.

We would like to thank the folks at Alliance Distribution for putting on another great show, and a huge show of gratitude to the store owners and managers who came to the show and met with us.

We’ve said it before, but retailers are the lifeblood of the gaming industry, and we are always grateful that they have helped to make Goodman Games a success.

Now, let’s look at some pics from the show!

Author: pandabrett

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