Support the Kickstarter for DCC Horror-Themed Western Adventure!

Ya’ll better listen to what we got to say here, fer yer own good….

Stephen Newton, the man behind Thick Skull Adventures, has a new Kickstarter to support his third-party adventure, The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner, and we think you should be a part of it!

The adventure is designed for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics, and requires no rules outside of the core book to enjoy. However, as Stephen says on the Kickstarter home page, “it has been playtested with both David Baity’s upcoming Dark Trails RPG and Stormlord Publishing’s Black Powder, Black Magic DCC supplement with delightful results.”

What can you expect? Here’s a brief description from the Kickstarter:

This full-length, standalone adventure will be between 24 to 28 pages in length. The adventure is completely written, edited, and thoroughly playtested. It currently contains art from some of your favorite DCC RPG artists including FRK Pyron, Stefan Poag, Danny Prescott, Sonya Prince, and Aaron Robinson. The adventure will be released as an 8.5 x 11 booklet with color cover and black and white interior pages.

There’s a lot more info on the Kickstarter page, but he tries to keep that just for the Judges, so…no spoilers here.

The Kickstarter is just a few days in, but it is already funded, so at this point you would be helping reach some great stretch goals!

So head on over to The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner Kickstarter and show them boys some love, y’hear!

Author: pandabrett

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