Joseph Goodman and The Lost City of Gaxmoor!

If adventure has a name, it must be…well, maybe we shouldn’t finish that to avoid copyright issues. But we’ll say it’s Joseph Goodman.

The fine folks over at Troll Lord Games have had a Kickstarter going for a little while now, but they have recently added a potential new stretch goal: Joseph Goodman!

That’s right, our own Dark Master has agreed to write an encounter for The Lost City of Gaxmoor, the upcoming mega-adventure that already features such notables as Satine Phoenix, Chris Clark, and Luke and Ernie Gygax, will also have the talents of Joseph Goodman working on the module—if they reach their stretch goals!

With only three days remaining (as of this writing), the campaign must reach $86,000 to bring The Dark Master on board with his own brand of torment adventure!

From the Kickstarter:

The Lost City of Gaxmoor 5E is a sandbox adventure we are converting to the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game. Designed for characters that range from 1st to 10th level. It is the brainchild of and written by Ernie and Luke Gygax, the sons of the legendary co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons Gary Gygax. 

Head on over to the Troll Lords Kickstarter for The Lost City of Gaxmoor! You might just be able to bring a little Goodman to the cause!

Author: pandabrett

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