Strategicon: Gateway Recap

Labor Day weekend 2019, and Goodman Games was in LA as part of Strategicon: Gateway!

Somehow within the hotel we fit in all of Lankhmar! The Starship Warden flew in! Even the sprawling estate of Tegal Manor was brought in brick by brick and reassembled right next to Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania. Folks visited The Inn at Five Points, and discovered there are No Small Crimes in Lankhmar, thanks to Thom Denick of Weird Works. 

Giant-sized thanks go out to Victor Bugg and the convention staff for putting together a great weekend. And an even bigger thanks to all the fans, new and old, who made the con a trip extraordinaire!

Our Fifth Edition Fantasy is that this pocket-full of GM Gems will buy us access again for next year in LA… See you then!

Author: pandabrett

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