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Das sind gute Nachrichten!

We previously announced an agreement with System Matters Verlag to translate DCC RPG into German. And in the meantime, they’ve been very busy getting things prepared. Very busy.

We’re pleased to announce that their work is almost complete and they are making great progress. So much so that they have revealed details to the public.

They have opened up pre-orders for the German edition.

We’re not just talking about the core rulebook here, either. Based on early results they have already added several new modules as stretch goals. And, in the truest Goodman tradition, they’ve also added variant cover art for the core rulebook! Can you say Sanjulian in German?

If you can say anything in German, then you will want to check out the newly translated edition from System Matters Verlag! Just click below to pre-order your copy today!


It turns out that the folks at System Matters Verlag have taken things up a notch…or a gong, to be specific. They have created their own version of The Gong of Doom! Here’s their description:

We used the Gong (“Das Monument des Schicksal” or “The Monument of Destiny”) for the first time with Portal Under the Stars. The whole thing is still not ready (two gems and the skull are missing at the top and the flags need also some attention, it was just a first test) but we had fun at the convention. And the gong is LOUD!

Check out the photo of Das Monument des Schicksal!

Author: pandabrett

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