DragonFlight Recap!

Over this past weekend, August 16-18 in Bellevue, WA, Dragonflight 40 happened—or Dragonflight XL, as they styled it—and Goodman Games was there in XL style!

Fans found modules and books they wanted, Lankhmar fans scooped up maps and adventures, giant volumes of Metamorphosis Alpha, Grimtooth, and Judges Guild found new homes, and many at the con happily discovered Dungeon Crawl Classics for the first time. There were even a few Bronx Beasts roaming the halls, thanks to Mr. Dan Steeby!

Special thanks go out to Roberta, Mike, and Amy and all the staff and volunteers for making everything fun and flow smoothly over the weekend. And of course a special thanks to all of the fans who made the show an amazing experience!

We hope our numerous empty coffee cups and playing of loud grunge music won’t keep us out next year. Hope to see you fine folks for Dragonflight XLI!

Author: pandabrett

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