Gen Con 2019: The Judges Awards, a.k.a. “The Goodies”

At Gen Con last year we started a new tradition, recognizing great judges with our special gold, silver, and bronze medals—aka, The Goodies. This year we continued the tradition, and also included a few folks from outside the judging pool. We’re happy to share the official results here and honor the winners!

The Iron Judge Award

Awarded to judges who have run an exceptional number of events at Gen Con 2019.

  • Bronze – Michael Bolam, Erica King, and Matthew Eaton, each of whom ran 5 games at Gen Con 2019
  • Bronze – Tim Deschene and Jeff Goad, who tied for running the most tournament events at Gen Con 2019
  • Silver – Chris Lauricella and Ian Small, each ran 6 games
  • Silver – Harley Stroh and Marc Bruner, for managing the DCC Open Tournament at Gen Con 2019
  • Gold – Brendan LaSalle for running 7 games on the books
  • Gold – Zak Lane for running an astonishing 8 games at Gen Con 2019
Judge Zak is probably still there running games.

The Tournament Character-Slayer Awards

Awarded to judges and designers whose fiendish dungeon craft decimates parties of player characters.

These awards are on a one-year lag. This year we are presenting awards for the 2018 tournament, Riders on the Phlogiston.

  • Gold – We have a tie for most PCs slain by a judge. Jeff Goad wins on an absolute value basis, with 44 PCs slain in his judging rounds, or 2.5 fatalities per player. Terry Olson wins on a per-capita basis, with 42 kills or 2.5 fatalities per player
  • Gold – From a design perspective, Steve Bean wins with 40% fatalities in his Area 1-4: Engine Control Room room design
Judge Terry Olson racking up a few more kills.

Special Categories

Finally, we have a few awards for special accomplishments that deserve recognition.

  • Gold for layout and graphic design excellent – Matt Hildebrandt
  • Gold for operational and convention support – Brett Brooks
  • Bronze for perseverance and commitment to gaming in the face of challenges – Matt Towle

A huge thank you goes out to everyone, both award winners and attendees for helping to make Gen Con great. We can’t wait to see you next year, where we’re sure to have a new selection of awards for everyone!

The Dark Master about to hand out awards to the lucky recipients.

Author: pandabrett

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