New on Fantasy Grounds: Fifth Edition Fantasy #7: Fantastic Encounters

It’s a feast for Fantasy Grounds! Fifth Edition Fantasy #7: Fantastic Encounters is now available!

If you play an online version of Dungeons and Dragons, chances are you are aware of Fantasy Grounds. They are one of the leading providers for online RPG entertainment in the industry. And Goodman Games continues to make their presence known with another new release for their site!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #7: Fantastic Encounters is a collection of short scenarios that are perfect to add to any game, or to run as a quick one-off during a short gaming session. This adventure module includes 12 short encounters that can be dropped into any 5E campaign. The encounters range from level 1 all the way up to level 6. Each encounter has a unique angle that is sure to challenge players—with new creatures and challenging designs to round out the mix! Keep your campaign interesting with these fantastic encounters!

And like our previous releases for Fantasy Grounds, you can access Fifth Edition Fantasy #7: Fantastic Encounters on both the official Fantasy Grounds website, or through the Steam online service!

And remember, Goodman Games has also published Dungeon Crawl Classics and several modules for it on Fantasy Grounds as well! So head on over to their site, and check out all that we have to offer.

Author: pandabrett

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