New Third-Party DCC Adventures In Our Online Store!

We weren’t the only ones active at Gen Con! Some of our Third-Party Publishers were busy releasing new material, too! And we’ve got some of them now available to you in our online store!

Let’s take a look!

Secrets of the World Harvesters

Secrets of the World Harvesters is a standalone, level 1 DCC-compatible adventure and setting guide that blends fantasy and science fiction as the players unravel the mysteries of their planet’s past. 

The adventure leads the players to an ancient ruin unearthed by receding glaciers as the planet thaws from a millennia-long ice age. Beneath the ruins, an even older piece to the puzzle of their forgotten past awaits discovery.

The book contains:

  • 60 saddle-stitch 8½ x 11 pages on premium silk paper.
  • Glossy coated color cover.
  • 45 pieces of original art, including 5 full-page pieces plus numerous nearly-full-page pieces, and 9 hand-drawn maps.
  • A 10-page patron write-up of Takisaka, the Mother of Serpents, by Daniel J. Bishop, including a full-page illustration, 3 new spells, an Invoke Patron table, a Patron Taint table, and a Shedding Your Skin.

The Exodus of Wolfbane

Yesterday the village of Wolfbane was razed to the ground by a jealous king determined to find Shadowforde, the mysterious spellcaster who has aided the citizens for generations. Now you and a few dozen survivors are on the run, desperately trying to protect Shadowforde and reach his mythical homeland, Stonewater—your only hope of a safe haven.

The journey will take weeks, and the way is full of danger.

Shadowforde is weak and ill. The king’s men are hunting you. And you are searching for a legend.

The Exodus of Wolfbane is an epic 0- to 2nd-level adventure fully compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics roleplaying game. Your peasants will become hardened heroes as they battle strange monsters, harsh elements, and the king’s cruel soldiers. You will grapple with mysteries, hauntings, moral dilemmas, and death-defying chases.

And what will be waiting for you if you manage to reach Stonewater?

Take the journey and find out!

Draugr & Draculas

Draugr & Draculas is a 64-page zine-sized supplement for old-style roleplaying adventure games, written and illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett (with additional art from Brad McDevitt).

Inside you will discover the blood-curdling secrets of Count Dracula, his benighted castle, and his monstrous minions. You’ll learn the secrets of Blood Magic, as stolen by Elizabeth Bathory herself. Perhaps you’ll take up the mantle of Vampire Hunter and put these monsters to the stake, or delve deep into the Pagan’s Well to uncover artifacts of baleful power! You’ll also learn about the deadly draugr, fierce undead from the accursed North. You’ll behold the terrible majesty of the Draugr Queen and sup upon human brains yourself with the new Draugr class!

NOTE: Draugr & Draculas is not a supplement for DCC RPG. It is intended for use with any role-playing game with a penchant for old-style flavor. (Which makes it a good fit for DCC.)

And be sure to check out our entire selection of Third-Party Publisher products in our online store!

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