Gen Con 2019: Team Tournament Results – Day Two


The first round of The 2019 Gen Con DCC Team Tournament is complete! We know who is going through to round two!

Only two days remain to determine who are The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar? Many teams put forth their best effort, but the competition is tough, and only a handful pushed through to the second round.

A huge thanks to all of the Judges and players that helped to make the first day of the event a huge success. Fun was had. A gong was rung. And we now have our finalists.

Accolades and loot await! Here are the teams making it to the second round (and their final first-round scores):

  1. Consoladated Arson and Stabbing LLC.: 308
  2. The Black Togas: 252
  3. Brendan’s Kids: 192
  4. Team Mace Hardware: 173
  5. Oh God!: 169

And the two alternate teams coming out of the first round are:

  • Five Nimble Spiders: 158
  • The Wood Wizards: 131

Here is the list of the remaining teams and how they scored. Congratulations go out to them for the effort put forth:

  • Mind Flayers: 126
  • Blueberry Dragons: 103
  • Brown-Iron Bruisers: 50
  • The Seekers: -4
  • Gong Rippers: -12
  • Lion Pride: -32
  • Delzars Disciples: -65
  • Teen Girl Squad: -98
  • Dude, Where’s My Cleric?: -104
  • Bettermen: -123
  • The Lords of Sarcasm: -184
  • Entropy Inc.: -200
  • The Autobots: -201

Tomorrow the top teams face off in the second round of The 2019 Gen Con DCC Team Tournament, The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar. Ultimately, only one team will steal the title and be awarded their very own set of thieves’ tools. Who will it be? Keep watching.

We are in Indy! Come see us at booth #117!

Author: pandabrett

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