Gen Con Preview #5: DCC Nunchuks. Yes, DCC Nunchuks.

The Gen Con Cometh!

We’re almost there! Gen Con is right around the corner, but we’ve still got some great surprises in store before the show begins. Today, we’ve got a trio of new products that are exclusive to Gen Con 2019!

First, we’ll have a new run of Rat-Snake to accompany the premiere of the DCC Lankhmar product line. Oh, and yes, DCC Lankhmar which will also be available at Gen Con. Rat-Snake is the real-world dice game based on the gambling game from the novels by Fritz Leiber, and available for you at Gen Con!

Second, we’ll have Luck Tokens! These are perfect for both fans of the regular DCC game, and for the DCC Lankhmar fan. The luck tokens will have a new design on one side, and the Goodman Games logo on the other. These will be available for $1 each at the Goodman booth. There are 12 actual designs, get your favorite while they last!

And finally, we will have a limited supply of DCC Nunchuks for sale. Yes, we are serious. These are actual nunchaku, complete with metal chain and padded but solid handles, screened with a gold DCC RPG logo. These are the perfect item to declare you’re serious about kicking ass and taking names at the gaming table.

Act fast! We expect these to sell out at the con. Also please note Gen Con weapons policy—customers are not allowed to remove weapons from their packaging on site. But who needs to actually take their nunchuks out of the package? Simply showing these babies off should be enough to win any Intimidation check.

Gen Con 2019 starts this week! Come see us at booth #117! We’ll see you in Indy!

Author: pandabrett

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