Gen Con Tournament – Don’t Forget Your Wizard Grimoire!

The Gen Con Cometh!

Do you know what happens two weeks from today? The 2019 DCC RPG Gen Con Team Tournament begins, that’s what!

This year’s Team Tournament is The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar, which—by the title itself—gives you an idea of the setting. And some things work differently in Lankhmar. Which means we REALLY encourage you to be prepared!

We’ve already given you an overview of the changes, and then specifically talked about the changes to the event itself at the show. Today we want to talk about the magic of the tournament.

And we mean the actual magic. The part of the game that involves spellcasters.

We strongly recommend that everyone involved in the tournament download and read through the Player Pack and Grimoire for the tournament. If you think you might be playing a spellcaster in the game, pay special attention to the Grimoire section. Be familiar with the spells and how they work. Get that extra edge that might make the difference between round one and round three!

We’re down to two weeks! The 2019 DCC RPG Gen Con Team Tournament will be here before you know it! Soon we will discover The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar!

Author: pandabrett

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