Save 25% on DCC RPG Rules for Fantasy Grounds Through Steam!

It’s time to save! Fantasy Grounds is running their annual summer sale through Steam and for a limited time you can get the DCC RPG rules set at 25% off!

If you play Fantasy Grounds using the Steam engine, this is the perfect time to stock up, or even get in on the ground floor. Everything Fantasy Grounds is 25% off at Steam right now, which includes the Dungeon Crawl Classics ruleset!

This sales does require the purchase of the base Fantasy Ground rules on Steam in order to use, but that’s okay, because they are ALSO on sale for 25% off right now! So, what you are getting is RPG play on Steam, powered by Fantasy Grounds, that is powered by DCC RPG. It’s a three-tier powerhouse!

This sales doesn’t last long, however. The last day to make use of the 25% discount is July 9th, so don’t delay!

Steam is a great multi-platform service that allows players to play their favorite games on their favorite machines. Like letting you play Dungeon Crawl Classics with friends on the internet! Ain’t technology grand?

So head on over to the Dungeon Crawl Classics page on Steam to save 25% on your purchase today!

Author: pandabrett

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