New in the Online Store: A Restock on the D-Total

They’re back. And your gaming table may never be the same.

We’re talking about the D-Total, the amazing die that causes fear and anxiety wherever it goes. And thanks to a special delivery from Lou Zocchi at Origins, we have them back in our online store.

What is the D-Total, you ask? It’s the dice that only one company in the industry would have the courage to bring to market. The D-Total is an oversized, hollow, 24-sided die that can simulate ANY polyhedron result from 2-sided up to 100-sided. The die is printed with an incredibly complex array of symbols, shapes, and numbers. If you utilize the included two-page instruction sheet and apply significant amounts of patience, you can use this die to replace your entire collection of dice. Reviewing the samples and two pages of instructions inspired the Goodman Games creative staff to utter such phrases as these:

“Yeah, I’m getting mad just looking at that.”
“It’s like math homework.”
“Every time I look at it I get a headache.”
“I know I should do it but it feels painful.”
“I want to somehow use it in an adventure but it’s like making a dentist appointment.”

Believe it or not, we DO endorse this die for use at your gaming table! It really is a one-of-a-kind product. For the gamer willing to decipher its secret key and understand how to use it, it can replace your entire arsenal of dice with a single polyhedron. For the dedicated dice enthusiast (and here at Goodman Games we count ourselves among that group), it’s a must-have. And kudos to Colonel Lou Zocchi for bringing it to market. Nobody else would have the guts!

We do have one house rule that we recommend you use when someone deploys a D-Total at the table. From one of our in-house designers (whose identify will remain concealed), we offer this house rule: “Anyone in possession of a D-Total can roll it once during a game session. Regardless of the roll’s result, the action succeeds because nobody has the time to try and decipher the damned thing. The action succeeds at level of success as determined by the judge, which he or she can determine by rolling a more sensible die.”

And now we have the D-Total in THREE colors: red, black, and white. The white is the rare version that may or may not contain special magical qualities. We dunno. We’re just going off what Lou said. No matter which color you choose, the two-page instruction sheet is included free of charge.

And if you love your weird dice—and we LOVE our weird dice here—then make sure you also check out the Zocchihedron! The Zocchihedron is a patented die with one-hundred sides and doubles as a golf ball if needed. It’s one of the classic “weird” dice, from an era where being weird was big news in the die world. For many, the Zocchihedron has a sentimental value and makes them seek out the most level table possible so that they can roll it and see the results in less than five minutes. 

So head on over to our online store and take a roll on some dice that may cause your table to raise an eyebrow.

D-Total Red

D-Total Black

D-Total White


Author: pandabrett

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