RageCon Recap!

The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada, was host to RageCon 6—and RageCon 6 was host to Goodman Games from June 28th through the 30th, 2019. So many folks discovered something new. So many folks re-discovered something they loved from their earliest gaming memories. And so, so many sparkly, sparkly dice found new homes…!

An Extra Special Gong of Doom-sized shout-out goes out to Super-Judge Matthew Dohnansky for running so many sessions of DCC at the Con—the Road Crew swag could not keep up with his speed! One epic session of Sailors on the Starless Sea saw no less than 39 zero-level peasants meet their doom, with one lone survivor! And that lone Sailor on the Starless Sea went on to become the leader of the beastmen, with a critical success on a Personality check! Who says charm is dead?

We’d like to thank Jeff and Lisa and all the other staff, organizers, and volunteers of RageCon for having us over to visit for a few days, and making us feel at home. Get your funky dice ready for next year, Reno—we’ll be back for another round at what just might be the Biggest Little Gaming Convention in the World!

Now, let’s look at some pics from the show!

Author: pandabrett

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