Purple Sorcerer Pledge Drive Now Live!

The 2019 Purple Sorcerer Games Free Tools Pledge Drive is here: it began on Saturday, June 29, and runs for one week through July 6!

This annual pledge drive gives the DCC community an opportunity to get together and raise funds to help offset the expenses required to provide and maintain the free tools the Purple Sorcerer builds. 

Purple Sorcerer Mastermind, Jon Marr

Over 12 million zero-level serfs have been created by the Sorcerer’s Zero-Level Party Generator, and the ubiquitous 4-Up sheets have covered gaming tables since the DCC RPG was in beta. The pool of free tools has only expanded since then, with the addition of the Upper Level Character Generator, the Ennie-Award winning Crawler’s Companion DCC utility, the Sorcerer’s Grimoire Spellbook Creator, the Mutant Crawl Classics Zero-Level Character Generator, and more!

And there’s more on the way: the Sorcerer is currently working on an HTML5 version of the Crawler’s Companion that will work across mobile devices and the desktop, insuring that the tool will be available to everyone for years to come. This will lead directly to an MCC version of the Crawler… followed by an elaborate Monster Generator… and added support for additional language labels in the zero level generator… and an upper level MCC generator… and integration of the Sorcerer’s Grimoire into the Upper Level Character Generator… and… well, you get the picture! 

In addition to pledges, a big part of the drive is the awesome prizes members of the DCC community provide to encourage participation: The Dark Master himself is pitching in with The Sanjulian Cover Dungeon Crawl Classics Hardcover, and a (soon to be released) Lankhmar Boxed Set. Anyone who would like to enhance the pool with prizes large or small, physical or digital, just needs to contact the Sorcerer. The more the merrier, but act fast!

If you find value in the Sorcerer’s tools, please support them by visiting the Free Tools Pledge Drive page on the Purple Sorcerer Games website!

Author: pandabrett

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