Egyptian Lich Cover Now Available For Road Crew!

We teased you about it a while back, but now it’s happening.

The Egyptian Lich Cover for Dungeon Crawl Classics is now available for purchase to members of our Road Crew!

The gorgeous, foil-embossed cover by Doug Kovacs has only been available at select conventions up to this point, but now members of our Road Crew can purchase copies for themselves AND for their gaming group for a limited time.

Here are the conditions for purchase:

  • This is a special paid Road Crew item. It is not free!
  • Available for purchase to Road Crew members who have registered and run 8+ games as of June 20, 2019
  • Limit five per customer (one for the Judge and then one for up to four players)
  • Please allow extra time for delivery, as this particular item requires special processing
  • We have done our best to minimize the cost of shipping to international customers. We appreciate your understanding in the expense.

“That’s Great! So, where do I go buy one?!”

Good question. If you have already run 8+ games for the Road Crew, you should have received an email with a link to the password-protected page that will allow you to purchase the book. If you have not yet received that email and feel you should have, please contact us about your situation.

And, if you have run 7 games and have one planned for this weekend, don’t worry. We’ll be updating this list regularly, so you might still have access to the books.

It is however a first-come, first-served basis, and we have a limited supply in stock, so we cannot promise how long The DCC Egyptian Lich cover will be available. So do not delay! Get those games in so you can get on this list sooner rather than later!

Hey, What’s This “Road Crew” Thing?

What, you’re not familiar with the Road Crew? That’s okay, we can explain it to you. The Road Crew is a great way to get free DCC swag in exchange for doing something you already love doing: running games! It’s easy to sign up and completely free, and for each event you run—be it at a store, a convention, or even online—you get free swag straight from us! Check out this web page for more info!

Here at Goodman Games we are always trying to celebrate our fans and the Road Crew that keeps that fandom growing. This is just the latest thank you that we could muster—but it is far from the last.

Keep checking with us for all the latest! Oh, and one more thing…HAIL ROAD CREW!

Author: pandabrett

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