Visit Us At RageCon This Weekend!

Goodman Games lands in Neon Babylon — the one and only Reno, Nevada — ready to spread the word about Dungeon Crawl Classics, Fifth Edition Fantasy, Mutant Crawl Classics and so much more!

Join us for RageCon VI, Friday June 28th through Sunday June 30th at the Circus Circus Hotel in the Dealers Room, where we’ll have all the latest releases, including the new set of Quickstart Rules for DCC RPG.

Pick up the super, colossal Isle of Dread, the absolutely gigantic Metamorphosis Alpha, the flippin’ HUGE Judge’s Guild Deluxe Collector’s Edition… Are these items massive? Or is it some trick of the light because we’re in the Biggest Little City in the World? Come to the booth to find out!

WHAT: RageCon VI
WHEN: June 28 – 30
WHERE: Circus Circus Hotel & Casino – Reno, NV

Author: pandabrett

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