DCC Quick Start Rules Back In Stock – and FREE to Road Crew Judges!

They’re back!

The popular Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules are back in stock and available for purchase today for the super-low price of only $5.

The 2019 printing of the DCC QSR are the same that we handed out at Free RPG Day this year, and features the brand-new 1st-level adventure, Geas of the Star-Chrons by Julian Bernick.

These starter rules were written specifically to introduce judges and players to the DCC RPG system. In some areas, rules have been condensed and simplified. These rules will serve primarily to get characters through their first level 0 adventure and their first level 1 adventure.

If you are a member of our Road Crew (Hail Road Crew!), you can get these rules absolutely FREE! Just include them with your next swag order so you have them for your game.

Retailers, the Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules are now available through distribution as well! So you can include them on your shelves and help to draw in fans at a low price.

Check out the 2019 Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules today!

Author: pandabrett

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