Origins Recap and Tournament Results

The 2019 Origins Game Fair has come and gone, and it has left its mark—in more ways than one!

The booth was hopping from the first minute to the last, with fans old and new coming by to pick up their Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, and all other Goodman product from Dieter, Allyson, and Brett. A huge thanks to Michael Curtis and Marzio Muscedere for taking time out to stop by the booth to meet fans and sign some books.

And let us not forget the inaugural Origins Dungeon Crawl Classics Team Tournament! Several teams began the festivities, but in the end it came down to two teams—Band of the Silver Moose and Team Three—who battled it out for the title.

When the dust cleared, Team Three stood atop the heap, but just barely. In a close competition, Team Three scored 850 while Band of the Silver Moose ended up with 750, providing a very narrow margin of victory. Thanks to Judges Jeff Goad and Mike Bolam for heading up the event, and an especially huge thanks to all the folks who participated. We can’t wait for how next year’s event works out!

It was an amazing experience for all four days of the show!

And then, during breakdown, a table broke and collapsed right on top of Brett’s foot. A visit to the hospital revealed that it was only a severe bruise, and the crew muddled on and got everything packed up. Brett wants to thank everyone, including a special thanks to superfans Ed, Xuan, and Susan for stepping up and helping out!

And it’s not quite over! Judge Brendan will be at The Soldiery tonight—June, 17th—starting with a Q&A at 5:00, which leads to him running a game of DCC as a part of their charity event. So be sure to stop by for the last hurrah of the Goodman presence in Columbus, OH for 2019!

Congrats to the winners! Team Three, Left to Right: Nema Bezak, Tom Gintner, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Goad (judge) Ivan Thomas,  Matt Snodgrass , and Michael Bolam (judge)

Now, let’s look at some of the pics from this year’s show!

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