Origins 2019, Day One: Team Tournament Results

The inaugural Origins Dungeon Crawl Classics Team Tournament has begun, and it is off to a dramatic start! The range of scores for this first round is very impressive, with one team holding a clear lead.

We’ve had five teams of competitors come through the meat grinder that is The Riders of the Phlogiston, and some even made it out alive! A huge thanks to all of the Judges and players that helped to make the first day of the event a huge success. Fun was had. And one team is on top heading into day two.

Here’s the list of the teams advancing to the second round—highlighted below in red—along with the first alt team:

1. Band of the Silver Moose (Judge Mike): +3127
2. Team Three (Judge Dieter): +950
3. Team Funnel Fodder (Judge Jeff): -250
4. Midnight Marauders (Judge Mike): -300

(first alt) Team Don’t Knock It (Judge Jeff): -400

You cannot add or substitute new players between rounds – if you have players that cannot make it, you may elect to proceed without them, but teams have to have a minimum of two players to play. Also, scores will reset between rounds, so all the teams playing in the next round will start out with the same points.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament this year and good luck in Round 2 to those teams that have advanced!

Check back tomorrow to find out the two finalists!

Come by the Goodman Games booth (that’s booth 437) for all the latest news on the inaugural Origins Dungeon Crawl Classics Team Tournament, and to check out the selection of goodies on hand!

Now, enjoy some pics from today’s games!

Author: pandabrett

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