UKGE Recap!

Goodman Games invaded the UK…and everybody there was amazing!

For the first time, Goodman Games set up a booth—or stall, to use the local term—at the UK Games Expo, and everything about it was stellar. Hundreds of fans came to the booth, sharing their love of Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, and all manner of product. Brett and Allyson met them with their most reserved enthusiasm, while still carrying forth their passion so that everyone saw the enthusiasm for Goodman goods.

And that enthusiasm was contagious, as new fans took to the product and became part of the DCC RPG crowd. Much of that crowd was on hand for the multitude of game events that were run in the RPG hall.

Judge Brendan was joined by local Judges Bruce Cunnington, Julian Hayley, Lee Neilson, Andrew Delaney, and others as they ran events throughout the show. And our own Judge Brendan LaSalle also made his presence known at three separate stores all around the UK.

Everyone here at Goodman Games wants to thank the retailers, organizers, and especially the fans for helping to make our first full-on trip to the UK memorable in all the right ways. We are already making plans for a return next year!

And we would like to extend a special thank you to Bruce Cunnington for all of the help he provided in helping us make this trip successful. He’s a right good mate, he is!

Now let’s look at some pics!

Author: pandabrett

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