Kickstarter for Crypt in Cadaver Canyon Ends Soon

The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon is the latest DCC adventure by Mark Bishop, and the Kickstarter for it ends this weekend!

Published by Purple Sorcerer Games, The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon is a new third-party adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics. It challenges 4-6 2nd level adventurers to save a hidden desert city (along with its cursed inhabitants) from the wrath of a devious and chaotic god. Its 48 digest-sized pages are packed with dangerous environments, exotic threats, and a world-shaking finale with thousands of lives on the line! 

But that’s not all. This Kickstarter also supports The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide. This omnibus-style book combines all of Mark Bishop’s adventures—Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous PantryThe Frost Fang Expedition, and The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon—into a single beautiful book.

The campaign has already hit its first TWELVE stretch goals, but there are still a pair of wonderful ones that are sitting and waiting. So don’t you wait!

Head on over and help fund The Crypt In Cadaver Canyon Kickstarter while you can! It ends this weekend!

And as a reminder, the highly anticipated Dark Trails Kickstarter is also live right now! Dave Baity’s weird west setting is off to a great start, and looks to grow only stronger.

As a player, you’ll find a wealth of material in the Dark Trails book that allows you to assume the role of one of 11 unique classes, with descriptive names like: the Calavera, the Bedlamite, and the Sin-Eater. As a Judge, you’ll find over 400 pages of material giving you a wealth of resources for designing and running fantastic adventures set against the haunted landscapes of an unforgiving Weird West.

Head on over to the Dark Trails Kickstarter and support it today!

Author: pandabrett

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