New DCC and FEF Fantasy Grounds Releases!

The Goodman Games offerings on Fantasy Grounds continues to grow! We’ve already announced our arrival to Fantasy Grounds with the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules, as well as the first module offerings. Now, were back with three new books!

First up we’ve got a pair of classics DCC modules that are up and ready for you on Fantasy Grounds right now! Starting with one of our best-sellers, the 0-level module, Hole in the Sky. Written by Brendan LaSalle, this adventure introduces characters to the world of adventure with one of the most unique beginnings: the adventurers are to follow an invisible bridge until they arrive at a hole in the sky – and then jump through. Things go downhill from there, as they only can when you are in the middle of a 0-level funnel for DCC RPG!

The DCC fun continues with the holiday-themed adventure, The Old Gods Return by Michael Curtis. Perfect for those cold nights when you cuddle up by the fire to play Dungeon Crawl Classics—at the beginning of summer, especially—you can experience the night of the winter solstice, when the world is balanced on a knife’s edge in the battle between fire and ice, a slumbering deity awakes. Now, only those heroes chosen as the champions of the Lord of Flickering Flames can end this growing threat before it reclaims its former malevolence and reminds the world why the old forests are places to be feared…

And we’ve also brought our Fifth Edition Fantasy line to Fantasy Grounds! The Fey Sister’s Fate makes its way online, bringing Chris Doyle’s adventure to new life. The cries of battle echo in the rustic wilderness, as a pair of fey sisters defend the ancient Briarwood against invaders. When the town of Bur Hollow sends militia men to support their fey allies, they disappear without a trace. The adventurers must enter the Briarwood and save them! This 5E adventure module includes two new spells and a new PC background!

That’s three new Fantasy Grounds releases from Goodman Games! Two to join the growing Dungeon Crawl Classics line, and one for the Fifth Edition fans looking for a night of exciting fun!

Be sure to check out all the Goodman Games releases on Fantasy Grounds!

Author: pandabrett

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