Check Out Xcrawl’s New Mojo Tokens at Momocon!

As we have already mentioned, Goodman Games is set up at three different shows right now. One of those shows is Momocon in Atlanta, GA, and at that show we’ve got a new surprise for Xcrawl fans.

It’s the Mojo Token! You can cheer and shout for your favorite crawler, and more importantly you can share your Mojo points with this great new two-sided, solid-wood token. 

Brendan has been working on the rules for Xcrawl Classics, making it the best, most exciting game possible. He’s been running playtests at cons around the nation, thrilling old and new fans alike, and he’ll be running even more XCC games at Momocon. 

If you’re in one of his games (or even if you pass him in the hall) check out his new tokens and ask him about how the Mojo rules work in Xcrawl Classics. It’s the next evolution in Xcrawl and a whole new way to work Mojo into your XCC game! 

Want to learn more about Xcrawl Classics? Listen to Brendan discuss it during our What’s New With Goodman Games seminar at last year’s Gen Con!

Author: pandabrett

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