Free Penny Tray If You Run A Road Crew Game on Free RPG Day!

Last year we unveiled our DCC penny tray for Free RPG Day! And this year we’re keeping the change.

We recently announced our release for Free RPG Day 2019, but we’ve also got something special for our Road Crew.

Take A Penny Tray

If you are a member of our Road Crew and plan to run a game on Free RPG Day, you qualify to grab a DCC Penny Tray! For most it’s a DCC penny tray, but for you it’s your lucky dice tray! All you have to do is run a Road Crew event on Free RPG Day 2019 to qualify—and you’ll also get your usual swag!

You will need to sign up for the event, register it on our Events Page, and run it at a brick-and-mortar store (sorry online folks, this day is to celebrate gaming stores). Other than that, you’re open to run Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, or any other Goodman release!

We’ve add the tray to the 2019 list of Road Crew swag, so you just order it like you would any other Road Crew order. This is a limited item! It is very much first-come, first-served, and when we run out, we are OUT. This item will not be reprinted, so if you are a Road Crew member running on Free RPG Day 2019 make sure that you let us know.

Free RPG Day 2019 is Saturday, June 15th! Let’s get out there and make this the best one ever!

Author: pandabrett

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