Joseph Goodman Sits In On Appendix N Book Club Podcast

The Dark Master has spoken!

No, seriously, our own Dark Master—aka, Joseph Goodman—sat in on the most recent Appendix N Book Club Podcast. This particular episode focused on Abraham Merrit’s The Moon Pool, but the episode talks about all of Appendix N and its impact on RPGs—a subject near and dear to our Dark Master’s heart.

And Joseph goes into the impetus behind the creation of Dungeon Crawl Classics, and what set Goodman Games on the course that we are on to this day. So if you’ve not heard him speak on this subject, it’s a great listen.

The meat of the episode is about Merritt’s The Moon Pool, however, giving insight into one of the more obscure books and authors on the list.

So hop on over to their website and give the latest Appendix N Book Club Podcast a listen! Or you can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast fix.

The Dark Master has spoken! Go give it a listen.

Author: pandabrett

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