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If you are a fan of third-party product, you are going to love today. We have got five—yes, FIVE—new releases in our online store today!

Adventures! Settings! Rules! All of this and more are a part of today’s set of new releases, including the latest issue of one of our most popular zines.

Not only that, but one of our classic third-party books has been updated to be more inclusive.

Check them out!

Back to BasiX #8

Back with more product celebrating the classics days of Dungeons and Dragons—but appropriate for all games that share that vision *cough*DCC*cough*—Back to BasiX celebrates a simpler time.

The new issue contains: product spotlight, spell review, new magic items, new monsters, the medium-length encounter Sewer Crypts of Skardus, TWO Full page “Dungeon Delvers” comics by artist, Travis Hanson, and an interview with Jennell Jaquays (artist and author).

Bronx Beasts #1

Bronx Beasts is a game of wild 1980’s action featuring rules for generating and playing bizarre mutant animal characters, allowing players to adventure in worlds inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, and Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung Fu Kangaroos. The rules can also be easily adjusted out of the 1980’s to provide rules for adventures in the vein of Usagi Yojimo, Bucky O’Hare, Tank Girl, Albedo Anthropomorphics, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Murder Falcon, and other settings featuring bestial heroes.

Hobbs & Friends #1

Hobbs & Friends #1 is a mini-megadungeon location centered around the Excavation of the Tomb of Lorninane. The 32-page issue includes the Excavation location and OSR magical corruption rules.

Hobbs & Friends #2

Hobbs & Friends #2 features a starting town called Bettlebee Ridge. It details the minimal setting surrounding the Ridge with buildings, their contents, and the various people living in the town.

Hobbs & Friends #3

Hobbs & Friends #3 contains a DCC adventure with a flair for the extravagant—and a middling adversary at best. It is intended as an interim adventure to get your group from Sailors to the Starless Sea to the third-party adventure, Well of Souls. The issue also contains new magical items, creatures, and lots of style.

Terror of the Stratosfiend #1

Ever wanted to take command of a 15 foot tentacled horror? Maybe you would rather find out what it’s like to unleash unbridled psionic energy? Perhaps you’d rather sneak through the streets and sell your skills to the highest bidder? Or maybe you just wanted to call down the aid of a maniacal weapons satellite? Then we’ve found your new zine.

Inside the first issue you will find 4 new classes, 2 new patrons, new equipment to harness, new armor to wear, new weapons to use, and a weapons system upgrade.

Reckoning of the Gods – Into the Shadow Realm

The folks who brought you Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign are back with a new two-part adventure. Each part is set up in distinct environments.

Part one takes place in the bizarre dimensional manse of a crazed arch-wizard whose power is threatening to unveil a secret of the gods.

Part two takes place in an ancient lair of the most powerful entity of the known realms: the Great Ancient Dragon, Woetalon. This portion features a parallel overlapping reality which players will have to cross in and out of in order to survive the lair.

Metamorphosis Alpha Adventure and Resource Supplement Index

In 2017, James M. Ward and Goodman Games released the Metamorphosis Alpha – Epsilon City boxed set. Epsilon City was the single largest habitation on board the Warden. It contained entertainment centers, apartments, and offices for all the people moving about the ship during the long voyage. This huge expansion for the starship Warden is the biggest expansion ever published for the original 1976 Metamorphosis Alpha game. The updated Adventure & Resource Index now covers the entire Epsilon City boxed set, as well as James M. Ward’s system-neutral Sci-Fi adventures Dark Visitor, Dark Outpost, and Dark Colony!

What a huge selection of product! Head on over to our online store to find these and all our other great releases!

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