Announcing the 2nd printing of DCC #73: Emirikol Was Framed

You guys are amazing. Honest. We are always in awe at the support that Goodman Games fans show us and our products. You keep buying the adventures, sometimes to the point where we just run out of them….

We’re happy to announce that yet another Dungeon Crawl Classics module has sold out and is now getting “the second printing treatment.”

This time it’s DCC #73: Emirikol Was Framed. On this one we’re not changing out the cover art, because we can’t imagine any image more appropriate. (You all get the allusion to the famous art in the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, right?) We are swapping in some new interior art, subjecting it to a fresh edit (as always), and of course including some new supporting material in the back! Daniel J. Bishop has written Four Scenes From A Conflict Eternal, giving you new source material that will help expand on some of the magic items presented in the core adventure.

DCC #73: Emirikol Was Framed – 2nd Printing is at the printer now and we expect it to be in stores in June! If you want to get an early jump, you can pre-order it now from our online store.

And if you want to see a full roster of all the additions to our other reprinted modules, check out our article, What’s In A Reprint?

Look for DCC #73: Emirikol Was Framed – 2nd Printing to arrive in June!

Author: pandabrett

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