Fantasy Grounds Games Eligible for Road Crew!


There is a good chance that you saw our announcement from a few days ago that Dungeon Crawl Classics is officially available on Fantasy Grounds. This good news for all gamers, but it especially applies to you, our Road Crew.

We want to make sure that you know that Fantasy Ground games do indeed qualify as part of your Road Crew total! That’s right, any event that you run on Fantasy Grounds—or any other online service such as Twitch, Google Hangouts, etc.—count towards your annual total of games run, just so long as they meet the rest of the criteria.

That means that you have to have the game open to all and advertise it. That’s pretty much it. You can always confirm the guidelines on the Road Crew home page, or email our Road Crew Master, Judge Brendan, with any questions.

So head on over to your computer, pull up the comfy chair, and get that game going! The world of the internet is open before you—let’s see what riches it offers.

Author: pandabrett

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