DCC RPG Officially Available on Fantasy Grounds

It’s something we’ve been wanting for a while now, and it is at last a reality. Dungeon Crawl Classics is now officially available on Fantasy Grounds!

You probably already know about DCC RPG—our dynamic role-playing system that harkens to the classic days of sword & sorcery—but you might not know about Fantasy Grounds.

Fantasy Grounds is an online service that allows you to create and run a campaign with the rules directly incorporated into the site. It’s a tremendous way to take advantage of modern technology to play a game rooted in the days of yore.

There are two ways to access the ruleset on Fantasy Grounds. You can either go directly through their website, OR you can access the same material using Steam, the popular online gaming service. Either way, you are getting an OFFICIAL version of Dungeon Crawl Classics to play.

And for members of the Road Crew: YES, these games can count towards your official total. You just have to make sure they meet the standard rules for a Road Crew game, meaning it has to be open to the public and you have to promote it beforehand. You can now run a full Road Crew game from the comfort of your computer gaming chair!

If you are interested in assisting us with future Fantasy Grounds conversions of our DCC and 5E content, please get in touch! Drop us an email and we’ll talk.

Head on over to Fantasy Grounds to check things out! Or drop by their Steam page for DCC RPG! There is now a whole new way to enjoy Dungeon Crawl Classics.

The future isn’t coming…it’s here!

Author: pandabrett

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