New in the Online Store: Mutant Mayhem Miniatures!

We first announced the Mutant Mayhem Miniatures at Gen Con 2018, just before their Kickstarter went live. And now, the final product is in!

Mutant Mayhem Miniatures is a third-party release featuring a variety of miniatures that are designed to be used in your Mutant Crawl Classics campaign, but are also perfect for DCC or any other game where you can find a use. 

Produced by Platypus Studios, each miniature is sculpted by Andrew K. Barlow and is crafted from lead-free pewter. There are over 30 miniatures in the first wave, giving you a great selection to choose from.

On top of that, Platypus has also released the Mutant Mayhem Minis Character Folio, a 94-page guide that contains pre-generated characters and optional rules for Mutant Crawl Classics.

The Mutant Mayhem Minis Character Folio is a collection of 15 complete Mutant Crawl Classics characters presented at 1st and 3rd level. These diverse characters are based off of the initial releases in the Mutant Mayhem Minis pewter miniatures line, fully compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics. The book contains characters from all 7 MCC classes, fully fleshed out with lots of tiny details –ready to go at a moment’s notice! You will also find optional rules detailing unique equipment and a small bestiary detailing mutant monsters also available in the Mutant Mayhem Minis line.

All in all, this is a huge third-party release for Mutant Crawl Classics. Check out the grid below to see all the product and click on over to your favorite!


MMM Character Folio


Bat Guy



Cap'n Platypus


Dok-Tor Zayiss





Mistur Tode




Zih’nn Pose A

Zih’nn Pose B


Gig Anne

Angry Russ

Glow Dan

Bob Zilla

P’lution Pose A

P’lution Pose B

P’lution Pose C

P’lution Pose D

P’lution Pose E

Mut-O-Rats Set

Mut-O-Rampagers Set



Caprapod Warder


Author: pandabrett

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