Podcast Roundup!

There’s always something to hear about gaming. And thankfully there are plenty of people to talk about it—if you know where to find them.

That’s right: podcasts! If you are a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, or even Appendix N, you’ve got some amazing options waiting for you out there. An entire community of podcasts supporting your favorite games and their source are available, and they are absolutely free.

Let’s take a look!

Sanctum Secorum

Exploring the worlds of Appendix N in every facet—print, film, or otherwise—Sanctum Secorum brings it all in focus to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics. The cast of the show brings the selected work of each show into the world of DCC, giving you insights on how to work that flavor into your game.


If you are looking for an in-depth look at Dungeon Crawl Classics, then you need to check out Spellburn. Hosted by Judges Jen, Julian, Jarrett, and Jeff (they really need to find someone with a “J” name…), each episode looks at aspects of DCC RPG and the latest releases for the system.


Taking a page from the Spellburn tome, Glowburn looks at the world of Mutant Crawl Classics and talks about what’s new and some of their favorite aspects of our post-apocalyptic role-playing game. Mutate your listening habits to spend some time with this entertaining crew and their take on MCC RPG.

Appendix N Book Club

Take a tour through all of Appendix N courtesy of Jeff Goad, Ngo Vinh-Hoi, and a rotating roster of special guests as they talk about the fiction that helped to inspire the world’s first fantasy role-playing game!


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