DCC Team Tournament Will Return…for Gen Con AND Origins!

For the last two years one of our most popular events at Gen Con has been the DCC Team Tournament. Whether you’ve had to deal with Thakulon and his black heart or the Riders of the Phlogiston, the challenge of survival has been met with one common thread: fun! 

Our DCC Team Tournament has been epic events for the teams involved, and the stories that come out of them are legendary. We are proud to announce that the Dungeon Crawl Classics Team Tournament will return to Gen Con for 2019—and will also make it’s Origins Game Fair debut! That’s right, you’ll get TWO opportunities to test your mettle against the best that our Judges can throw at you, all for glory and gold! 

Ready your engines and prepare to register for these tournaments! Event registration opens May 19 for Gen Con and May 4 for Origins! Sign up as soon as the events go live, because these sell out fast! Look for more details on these tournament adventures as we get closer to the cons!

Interested in learning more about the team tournaments? The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying was our 2017 Gen Con tournament module. In a previous post we gave you the full tournament results including all the teams that ran it in their home groups! You can also buy the published version from our online store if you want to practice at home!

To learn more about the history of all Goodman Games tourney games be sure to visit our tournaments page.

Author: pandabrett

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