We’re Looking for a Few Good Judges…for Momocon and Beyond!

There are a lot of conventions out there. And Goodman Games does our best to show up at as many of them as our schedule allows—but we can’t be everywhere.

We will be on hand at Momocon in Atlanta from May 23 -26 at the Georgia World Congress Center, and we would love to have you there to help us out! Right now Momocon is still accepting event submissions, and we want to encourage any members of the Road Crew to lend a hand and run events for us at the show! Judge Brendan will be on hand running events, but Momocon is a large show, and the gaming aspect of it is growing every year. This year we want to show them just what kind of presence Goodman Games can have! So if you are able, sign up to run some Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, DCC Lankhmar or any other Goodman game at the show. These games will count towards your year-end total for swag, getting you cool items available nowhere else. Head on over to Momocon’s gaming page to see about getting set up to run some events!

And we don’t want to just stop there. Goodman Games will be at a plethora of shows this year, and you can find the full list at our Convention Schedule page. We would love to meet you at any of these shows and thank you in person for the stalwart job our members of the Road Crew put on every year. And if you aren’t a member of the Road Crew, signing up is easy. Just head over to the Road Crew page for all the details.

To top things off, no matter how many shows we do attend, there are always more that we do NOT. So getting out to those shows is a wonderful way to represent your favorite game and get you credit towards your swag total! We can’t wait to see you On The Road this year at an upcoming con!


Author: pandabrett

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