Announcing Tales From The Magician’s Skull #3

Gary Con is in our rearview mirror, but the images we see linger on. The great people and amazing games we shared at the show will stick with us for a long time. We also took some time out to let our fans know what was coming up, and at our “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar we announced several new projects—Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and DCC: Empire of the East we’ve already talked about—and today we are back with another great piece of news!

Tales From the Magician’s Skull is our magazine of sword and sorcery fiction. Issues #1 and #2 were Kickstarted last year. Based on the popular response, we have decided to publish future issues and offer subscriptions!

We are happy to share the cover art to Tales From the Magician’s Skull #3, shown here for the first time! Painted by living legend Sanjulian, this image illustrates a scene from “The Second Death of Hanuvar,” a story inside issue #3. If you’re a fan of vintage Creepy and Eerie magazines, you’ll instantly recognize Sanjulian’s style.

Soon, we will launch a Kickstarter to offer Tales From the Magician’s Skull #3, as well as subscriptions for the magazine. In the meantime, here is the table of contents for the upcoming issue:

Face That Fits His Mask
By William King

He could change in mid-spring, tear out the man’s throat, feast on his bones, drink his blood. The beast of the change gibbered in the back of his mind, begging to be unleashed. His fingers splayed, his nails began to lengthen….

Tyrant’s Bane
By John C. Hocking

Someone in the garb of a royal guardsman came out of the stairwell.  His blue armor was covered with blood and there was a fist-sized hole in his cuirass through which Benhus could see the wall behind him.  There was a sword in each hand and, as he advanced, the dead man lifted both weapons.

Five Deaths
By James Enge

The heavy stone door moved easily upon its hinges; Morlock pulled it open and stepped through cautiously. Lernaion was about to follow when there was a sudden bodiless screaming and the door slammed shut.

The Forger’s Art
By Violette Malan

His head wore a surprised look when it landed a few feet away. The body slumped to the ground, pumping out blood onto the grass.

“Why do people always talk too much?” Parno wiped his sword clean on the dead stranger’s tunic.

Second Death of Hanuvar
By Howard Andrew Jones

Hanuvar twisted, parried a blow that would have caved in his skull, and lost his balance. He saw the pit yawning, and the flame more than twenty feet below.

The Wizard of Remembrance
By Sarah Newton

The memnovore towered over him, its mouth distending into a translucent sleeve of slime. Acid burned Suven’s flesh, and he screamed. In the demon’s larval embrace, he prayed for oblivion.

The issue also contains a series of short stories by Joseph A. McCullough.

Like previous issues, the latest volume will contain game stats in the back that are compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics. Look for Tales From the Magician’s Skull #3 to be heading your way soon!


Author: pandabrett

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