How To Decorate Your Room, Goodman Style!

Home remodeling shows are all the rage right now. You can’t sling a dead imp without finding one on TV somewhere. So we here at Goodman Games have decided to jump on that bandwagon! We’re going to show you how to fix upper your place, trading the space for a new look, making you list how you love it, and changing how you view the property, brother!

If you want your game room, garage, or even your bedroom to stand out and create the ultimate Goodman experience, might we suggest using some of the tools that we have provided for you? Namely, let’s look at the posters that are in-stock and available for you today!

DCC RPG Blacklight Poster

This is what your game room is missing! It’s the iconic DCC RPG demon skull, printed in blacklight-reflective gold ink on a black flocked faux-velvet poster. This 18” x 24” poster is creates an atmosphere that is sure to impress even the most jaded of Patrons.

Chained Coffin Cover Poster

An 11″x17″ double-sided poster of the cover art for the boxed set edition of The Chained Coffin. This features Doug Kovacs full-color cover art on the front, without any logos or other elements, while on the reverse is the black and white version of the alternate foil cover. 

Purple Planet Cover Poster

A 36” x 15” poster of Doug Kovacs’ cover art for Peril on the Purple Planet, without any logos or other elements. A sprawling masterpiece that would fit perfectly above a bed or dining table. 

Metamorphosis Alpha Cover Poster

An 11” x 17” poster of the original Metamorphosis Alpha cover art, complete with lightning graphics to add an electric feel to your room. Ideal for a workout space or any other location where you want to create a high-energy environment.

Warden Deck Plans Poster

The 24” x 36” poster of Doug Kovacs’ amazing deck cross-section of The Warden from Metamorphosis Alpha. Perfect for your office space or garage, adding the technical feel you’ve always tried to impress upon your friends. 

You don’t need an interior designer, you just need good taste. And what better way to show your sophistication than to display your favorite game for all to see? Be sure to check out our selection of posters and everything else in our online store.

Author: pandabrett

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