What’s New at Gary Con 2019!

Gary Con arrives in just a few days—in Lake Geneva, WI, March 7 – 10—and we’re super pumped about the event! And we want to share what we have planned—and what we’ll have at the booth—for this year’s show!

Attend our What’s New Seminar! If you’re attending, make sure you attend our What’s New With Goodman Games Seminar (Friday at 1:00pm). This year we’ll be announcing a new Appendix N license, our latest release in the Original Adventures Reincarnated series, and maybe a few other things! Plus we’ll have advance proof copies of the DCC Lankhmar boxed set, as well as work-in-progress draft layouts of the DCC Annual and DCC Chained Coffin hardcovers!

Check out our new releases! Visit our booth in the dealers room to grab some of the con exclusives! Goodman Games has a large booth in the dealers room, sharing space with Black Blade Publishing.

Come check out our booth for these new releases:

To kick things off, let’s start with DCC Convention Module 2019: The Inn at Five Points—this year’s convention exclusive module premieres at Gary Con! 

The amenable neutrality of The Inn attracted the attention of The Order of the Crawling Lord, who represents the most extreme and repugnant ideals of Law: oppression, slavery, and a merciless survival-of-the-fittest ethic that intentionally instills deep self-loathing in its members, forcing them to meditate every day on how inadequate and malformed they are when compared with the Eternal. And now they target The Inn. 

Can a rag-tag group of adventurers possibly prevent the ascension of the vile Crawling Lord? Will they ever see the light of day again? And what exactly makes Arlo and Quendy’s rosemary bread so addictive? 

The ORIGINAL D&D zine returns in a replica of its original format! Dungeoneer was the zine created by Jennell Jaquays in the earliest days of D&D fandom. Specifically in June 1976, where Dungeoneer #1 premiered the same month as issue #1 of TSR’s new magazine Dragon. Dungeoneer was eventually acquired by Judges Guild, who hired Jaquays and went on to publish many more issues of Dungeoneer. Many fans are familiar with the subsequent re-issue of Dungeoneer issues #1-6 in a compilation format, but most fans have never even seen a copy of the original digest-sized zine format, which is extremely rare. Well, now can you own an exact replica of Dungeoneer #1. Published by Goodman Games under license from Judges Guild, this facsimile edition won’t last long. Buy it while you still can!

DCC dice! We will have a limited supply of our new DCC dice sets on hand at the booth.

You can choose from Shanna’s Weird Dice, Marvels of the Mustachio’d Magician, or Farrah’s Fantastic Fragments. Remember, each tube comes with some bonus material printed on the back of the label in the tube.

The new DCC RPG hoodie!

Stay warm in style. This black, long-sleeve hoodie features a pocket across the front of it, just below the red and gold rendition of our Egyptian Guy.

New DCC tees!

In keeping with this year’s Road Crew theme, we have two options for the Wizard Van fan, as well as Egyptian Guy in all his glory. The Wizard Van shirt comes on both a black tee and a grey tee, giving you the option of going light or dark with your vehicle choice. While the Egyptian Guy shirt is a cool purple on black vibe that is hard to pass up.

And maybe…just maybe…another item that will show up via FedEx. We’ll just have to see if that one shows up or not.

BONUS: Pick up the Hobonomicon! Doug Kovacs has an artist booth at the show and he’ll be selling copies of the first issue of Hobonomicon! If you’re a DCC fan, you need to own this. Swing by his booth and buy a copy!

Win prizes in the raffle! We’ve got a raffle and you can win big! Any product you purchase at the Goodman Games booth earns you raffle tickets. To find out if you are a winner, just show up at the Goodman Games/Black Blade booth on Sunday, at 1:00pm, to win fabulous prizes!

Gary Con is one of our favorite shows, and we are going all-in for this event. You’ll be able to grab any (though we recommend all) of these new products, as well as all our classics…pun intended. And don’t forget the What’s New with Goodman Games panel on Friday.

Gary Con is less than a week away! We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Author: pandabrett

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