UK Games Expo Fans, Let’s Talk T-Shirts!

Hello UK! We’re getting close to our first-ever booth set-up at the UK Games Expo this year! Our Goodman crew will be there for the show running from May 31st to June 2nd, and we are thinking big.

We’d like to celebrate our first con booth in the UK with something special. Something that marks the occasion. Something that you can wear. That’s right, we want to commemorate our first booth with brand new shirts done just for this show—and we’d like your help so we can do this right!

If you will be at the show and would be interested in buying one of our UKGE con special t-shirts, we’d like to know—and we need your size! You don’t have to make any commitment or pay any money now, we’re just trying to get a general sense of interest. We need to know how many shirts we need to have, and what sizes people need.

And yes, we know the question on your mind: What do the shirts look like? Well, that we aren’t sharing just yet. This isn’t about a specific design or shirt, but rather us looking to get an overall interest level. Of course we’re sure your opinion might change once you see the T-shirt designs, so this isn’t a hard line kind of thing. For now just know the T-shirts are going to be awesome DCC tees. Which are awesome. Awesome!

If you’re attending UKGE and might be interested in buying a Dungeon Crawl Classics UK t-shirt, please email and let us know your shirt size. And we need to know by March 13th, so we can get things moving in time for the show.

Depending on the response we get, we might design one tee…or ten!

We’re coming over there, UK! Let’s do this right!


Author: pandabrett

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