Happy Valentines Day from Goodman Games!

We love our fans. We love our Judges. And we hope our fans love their Judges, too.

It’s Valentine’s Day! The one day of the year that was randomly chosen to be the day to express your love to whomever deserves it. We know that you guys deserve our love, and we love that you guys seem to love us just as much. It’s a regular love-fest!

And today is the final day that you can get our exclusive Dungeon Of Love Valentine’s Day Card with any print purchase! You have to have the order in before the clock in New York hits midnight to qualify for your free card—including an envelope—that you can share with the one you love. Even if that person is yourself and you just want to own it to admire the original art by Doug Kovacs! 

This is the part where I would give you some suggestions for what to purchase, and I would link it to the products that we love…but I can’t. We love ALL of our products! Everything on the online store is a product made with love. 

So pick your own favorite! Whether it be getting an extra copy of the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook to give to a friend, the Mutant Crawl Classics core rulebook in case yours mutates into something strange, a copy of How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck for the Judge in your life, or even Isle of Dread for your favorite paleontologist. Anything is a great choice!

Just remember to do it before midnight tonight! Our love is infinite, but this offer is finite. 


Author: pandabrett

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