The Last Dance for Your Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day commeth! This Thursday, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day. And your chance to get your very own Dungeon of Love Valentine’s Day Card from Goodman Games will fade away with the romance once Friday arrives!

As a reminder, we are offering up this card—along with an envelope suitable for mailing—absolutely free with any online purchase of a physical product! Anything you find in our online store—again, physical product only, no PDFs—automatically qualifies you for a free Valentine’s Day card! 

You have only two days left to act! After Thursday the offer is null and void, and your heart will be empty and longing for the opportunity once more. The card features original artwork by the one-and-only Doug Kovacs! It’s like a dream come true….

Looking for the perfect romantic gift to go along with your free card? We’ve got some suggestions!

OAR #2: The Isle of Dread

Fifth Edition Fantasy #15: Drowning Caverns of the Fish-God

DCC #98: Imprisoned in the God-Skull

Star Crawl

The Goodman Games Valentine’s Day Card promotion ends after Thursday! Do not delay, or you may find yourself broken hearted.


Author: pandabrett

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