Visit Us At Drinking & Dragons This Saturday!

Once more we open the doors to this hallowed hall to face the dangers that lie within. Others have come before, and some have left under their own power—others however have faced the consequences of such an event….

NLCRPG presents Drinking and Dragons

Come join Judge Brendan at Gallows Lane in New London, CT for a night of food, friends, and adventure! Drinking and Dragons is a special charity event, with all proceeds going towards the The New London Area Food Coalition. A ton of product has been donated by various people and companies—including Goodman Games—for the charity raffle that will benefit the charity, and there will be an on-site bake sale to help things out as well!

Our own Judge Brendan will be on hand to run his new Mutant Crawl Classics adventure, Canyon City Rain. Here’s how Judge Brendan describes the adventure: “Ever see Jaws? Canyon City Rain is going to be fifteen minutes of Brody loving on his wife, fifteen minutes of Hooper trying to convince people to understand what they are dealing with, and three-and-a-half hours of Quint sliding into the shark’s face.”

The charity raffle will be held at 9pm, and the bake sale will be going throughout the event. Please bring cash for raffle tickets and bake sale. While cards can be processed, the internet at the venue can be spotty, making them problematic. The event is also BYOB/BYOF, and you must be 21+ to attend, so plan accordingly. 

You can purchase tickets beforehand using Eventbrite, and player signups are now open! Show up for some good times and a good cause this weekend! Judge Brendan will be waiting!

What: Drinking and Dragons
When: Saturday, February 9 – 5:00pm to midnight
Where: Gallows Lane in New London, CT

Author: pandabrett

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