Want To Game? Check The Events Page

We’ve all been there. Sitting around the house, holding dice in your hand with nobody to roll with on that day. It’s a sad thing to seeā€”but we can help.

The Goodman Games Events Page is a place to find games going on anywhere around the world. It’s a way to search for and find a game that you can participate in and play with other fans in your area. And if you want to put in your own game to attract folks, you can do that, too! It’s designed to let players and judges find each other for some gaming fun.

And it’s still a work in progress! We’re looking for ways to make The Events Page better all the time. We’re exploring a map-search option, ways to search by Judge, and much more. We want to make it the best place out there to find the Goodman game near you!

For the Road Crew, remember to add all your upcoming games there as well! The 2019 Road Crew World Tour information will be released soon! We’re just waiting for the final bits of swag to arrive, and then we will be going live. It’s not long now!

So go check out our Events Page! Find a game near you! Make some new friends and get out of the house! It’s the Goodman way….


Author: pandabrett

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