Road Crew 13-Game Judges: Your Badges Are Coming Soon!

Consider it a badge of honor. Something to prove that you are a devoted fan. 

We’re talking about our custom badge pin. The item that we send to anyone who has completed thirteen or more Road Crew games as a part of a single season. And if you are one of those proud few that has met this goal, then we have good news: the badges will be heading your way soon! In 2018 we had more people hit the thirteen game goal than ever before, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Over the past weekend, anyone who qualifications was sent an email with information on confirming the name that will be engraved in your custom badge. If you met the thirteen game goal but did not get that email, you need to get in touch with us! Please email Judge Brendan so that he can make sure we have your information down correctly. 

And don’t forget to keep running games! The 2019 Road Crew details aren’t out yet, but they’ll be coming soon, and every game you run still counts towards the 2019 season.

Thank you to the thirteen game Judges! We honor your commitment and will be sending you engraved evidence of your efforts soon!


Author: pandabrett

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