Huge Restock on Fate’s Fell Hand Cards and Other Popular DCC Third Party Items!

The fates are on your side today!

If you’ve been looking for the Fate’s Fell Hand card deck, we’ve got some great news: they are back in stock! This mega-popular release sold like hotcakes (and you know how popular hotcakes are these days!), but we recently got in a large restock on them, and they are once more available. These 2.125″ x 3.5″ cards are lavishly illustrated by Doug Kovacs and can be used at the table while playing the adventure of the same name. This card deck is included with the Spanish language version of DCC #76: Fate’s Fell Hand, but thanks to Other Selves, we’re able to make this great deck of cards available separately for collectors or owners of the English language version of the adventure that does not include a deck of cards.

Oh, and that’s not all. We got in a massive restock on a huge selection of Third Party Publisher DCC products that were out of stock. How big? Check out the full restock list below:

That’s a lot of product! It’s the right time to act, because we’ve got the Third Party Publisher product you’ve been looking for back in stock! 

Author: pandabrett

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