Happy New Year!

We now can only look back on 2018. It was a heck of a year, filled with some amazing good times, some great product, and—most importantly—some unforgettable friends. You guys make our jobs so easy. Getting to deal with fans like you take this from a job to a pleasure every day. So, THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 2018!

And here’s looking towards an even better 2019! We’ve got a lot heading your way, including a year of great cons, more new Road Crew goodness, another big DCC tournament at Gen Con, more great Kickstarters, DCC Lankhmar finally being in print, some fabled product called The DCC Annual, the next Original Adventures Reincarnated, that one project that we can’t tell you about (yet), and that secret thing that The Dark Master has sworn to flay us alive for mentioning…and hopefully that doesn’t count as mentioning it.

All in all, what we are trying to say here is…


We can’t wait to share 2019 with all of you!


Author: pandabrett

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